Introducing FSSoc

As the only undergraduate flight simulation society in the world, we offer the unique opportunity to develop and test complex aircraft designs. Moreover, the design, communication and leadership skills attained will prove extremely valuable in future studies and work in industry - there simply isn't any way to beat hands on experience.


The Flight Simulation Society enters two teams every year to the IT FLIES UK and USA competitions. The competitions aim to give society members the opportunity to develop the key skills of design and presentations, as well as setting the foundation for future involvement within the society.

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Project Phoenix

Open only to the best senior society members, Project Phoenix gives these members the opportunity to build a custom state-of-the-art flight simulator. The simulator will be constructed from a HAWK Mark II facsimile and will incorporate a glass cockpit, heads up display and G-cueing motion. The simulation for the simulator will be student developed.

AAIA Design

From simulation to reality, AAIA allows students to improve their valuable aircraft design skills by following real-life situations based on industry RFPs. People will design aircraft to meet the standards raised by various companies and organisations.

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Flight Training Programme

Based on real training programmes, Flight Training Programme gives students a chance to learn how to fly their own created models like a true pilot and get more exciting simulator experience.

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