Flight Training

Go Ahead!

What is the Flight Test and Training Programme?

This program is intended to give the students a chance to acquire some solid flying skills in the simulators, as well as first hand familiarity with the features, handling and performance of various existing aircraft, all while having a hands-on time with flight simulators.

What do we do there?

One part of the program loosely mimics real life training curricula, with the characteristic progression from aircraft with docile, easy handling, to increasingly demanding types with higher performance, and references to some of the differences of simulator flying as opposed to real life. Another part deals with aircraft, similar to those, that members of the society choose to design for IT FLIES. This will provide examples of how those aircraft behave, in situations from the competition testing program, and help us develop recommendations on how their own aircraft should be flown in those scenarios. While both parts are supposed to help with IT FLIES competition, hopefully, the newcomers and other members of the society will also find them useful and entertaining as a standalone project that is relevant to real world aviation.


Familiarise yourself with exciting mechanics of flight, from a different, practical, point of view and learn the procedures and operations that countless real pilots around the world use in their day to day jobs.


Develop and perfect practical flying skills, and apply them, operating detailed replicas of existing aircraft, in immersive, highly realistic flight simulators.


See the implications of various aircraft design features, and engineering decisions, as they are seen by pilots, defining the diverse "characters", and characteristic behaviours of all the different flying machines.

Merlin MP521

The MP521 simulator comprises of a capsule with a six axis motion system, visual and instrument displays, touch control panels, and hardware flight controls.

Merlin MP520

The MP520 is fitted with a two axis electric motion system, and a smaller capsule than the MP521 and it is used for preliminary testing of the aircraft when preparing for the competition.

Merlin MP500

Our two custom MP500s use three large touch panel displays and two small instrument displays alongside the standard MP500 joystick and throttle to run the latest Excalibur 3 software.